Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sisters, Daughters and DGs

New member Kelly Kundinger and her mom
Lari Bowman Kundinger, Beta Sigma-Maryland.
This past fall, Alpha Psi-Mississippi pledged 123 new members. That in itself is newsworthy. But, what's really extraordinary is that they pledged 35 legacies.

This year's recruitment was extra special for Cassie Bryant, Alpha Psi-Mississippi, not only because she was serving her chapter as president but also because her younger sister Becca was going through recruitment.

"On Bid Day, I was extremely excited to welcome my sister as a Delta Gamma new member," said Cassie. "I am looking forward to initiating my sister and sharing the lifelong bonds of sisterhood in Delta Gamma."

Sisters Anne Lauren and Elissa Roybal
with sisters Becca and Cassie Bryant.
Younger sister Becca Bryant told us, "Although I promised myself to be open minded while going through recruitment, my previous visits to Ole Miss during high school allowed me to meet many Delta Gammas since my sister was very involved with the sorority. My impressions of the young ladies I met and their involvement to be the best in the activities in which they participated made a lasting impression on me. I was thrilled when recruitment week finally arrived, and I was met with such genuine warmth from so many Delta Gammas. I have to admit... when your sister is president of the sorority, there is added pressure to pledge her sorority; however, when it came down to choosing a group where I felt I would fit in the best, it was easy - Delta Gamma!"

Elissa Roybal, followed in her sister Anne Lauren's footsteps. "I chose DG because I felt at home there. While going through recruitment and meeting the girls, I saw the image of exactly the kind of person I strive to be. My sister is my biggest role model, and at DG I feel like every girl I meet has the same morals and attitude she has."

Older sister Carly, mom Sheri and
new member Mary Van Haynes.

New member Mary Van Haynes joined her mother and sister when she pledged. Mary Van explains, "Dee Gee has always been a part of my life because of my mother and older sister, Carley. I have always wanted to share the DG sisterhood with them, and hopefully I will be able to share it with my younger sister. DG feels like home, because at home we are DG."  

Mary Van's mother Sheri Haynes, Delta Lambda-Mississippi State, who served as president of her collegiate chapter, said, "It means a lot to share all that Delta Gamma is with my oldest two daughters. Two down. One to go!" 

Older sister Carly Haynes, Alpha Psi-Mississippi, said, "When Mary Van was born she wasn't given the option of which family to join. This was her opportunity to choose me as her sister."

Granddaughters, daughters, sisters or the same step-relations of Delta Gamma members are considered Delta Gamma legacies. To learn more about the tradition of Delta Gamma legacies, visit the Delta Gamma Web site here.