Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Be Social-Media-Ready for Convention

This year at Convention, we will be doing some fun and creative things with our social media platforms. We want all of our attendees to be familiar with each social media type so that everyone can participate in the conversation and be ready to win prizes!

… that’s right. We said PRIZES. This year we have had so many vendors donate DG swag that we had to find a fun, new way to give it all away!

But, before you can compete in the contests, and we know Delta Gammas like to win, you have to get the app on your smartphone.

This is the logo for Apple's
app store.
The good news is that Twitter and Instagram are available in the app store for both iPhones, iPads and Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy.

So the first think you need to do is go to the app store and download Twitter and Instagram.
Once you have the apps, you need to make a user name.
Pick something that you’ll remember, for example, our Delta Gamma handle is @deltagamma. You don’t have to write the @ symbol when you are setting up your account.
Be sure to set a password that you can also remember.

For Twitter: 
  • Once you have your account set up, you can easily open the app by tapping on it
  • Go to the magnifying glass at the top of the screen
  • And type in Delta Gamma
  • You will see that the EO account is the first one that comes up
  • Tap on that account and click “Follow”
  • Follow us:
  • You are now all set to follow our tweets!

To use Instagram:
  • Go to the app store and download the app
  • Once it’s downloaded, tap on it to open
  • Set up your account and chose a name you will remember. For example, our handle is: @deltagamma_eo
  • Follow us:
  • Be sure you pick a password you will remember
Once you have done that you are ready to follow Delta Gamma:
  • Tap on the icon that looks like a star
  • Type in DeltaGamma_EO
  • You’ll see that we pop right up 
  • Tap on it and tap “Follow”

Now these apps are on my phone, what exactly do they do?

Twitter is a way to share short messages online. Each sentence you tweet can only use 140 characters. 

Instagram is a great photosharing platform. It is a fun way to edit photos with filters and share photos with other followers online. 

Watch for tweets that give the contest of the day. The question will also be posted on a board at the registration area each day.

Tweet or Instagram us the answer to the contest question, which might need to include a photo!

What's a hashtag?
Both of these platforms are easy ways to share conversation and hashtags (#). The hashtag is the little pound sign symbol. Each contest has a personal hashtag and you have to use the hashtag listed to enter!

Sneak Peek at our Social Media Contests:
Rules:  Daily contests run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time) each day. You must use the daily contest hashtag to enter. Once we have our winners we will check the roster to ensure they are attending Convention. We will notify the winner via social media and she can claim her prize at the registration table. Winners will be selected through a random number generator unless otherwise stated in the daily contest tweet. There could be multiple winners each day due to the awesome amount of prizes we have!     

Welcome! Explore the Biltmore and find our photo ops, Instagram or Twitpic us at one saying what you are most looking forward to! #DGWelcome 

How many anchors are you wearing today? Accessories, apparel—it all counts! The most anchors wins … tweet us your number! #DGAnchors

Take a pic with your region’s flower at the Garden of Giving. Use #DGGarden and tag the Foundation @DGF_Tweets to enter to win!

Did you make a new friend or reunite with a longtime friend, take a pic with her and tweet or Instagram it to us! #DGBestFriends

Oh and speaking of hashtags... 
Our hashtag for Convention 2014 is #DGRising. So when you aren’t tweeting or “gramming” to enter a contest, share your thoughts and excitement with us using that hashtag!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Legacy In the "Fight of Her Life"

One of the greatest fears we have as parents is that something will happen to our child that keeps up from protecting them. For us, this fear has come true. Our daughter, Josie, is currently in the PICU at Saint Francis Children's Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

In September, Josie had low hemoglobin which led to a short stay in the hospital for a blood transfusion. She was better for a short time, but slowly her hemoglobin began to drop again. After regular visits to the oncologist, more blood transfusions, a bone marrow extraction, and pneumonia we were left with a questionable diagnosis of iron deficient anemia.

Josie was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, January 28 with pneumonia. Shortly after she was admitted she was put on life support because her lungs were failing. The doctors believe she has a disease called Pulmonary Hemosiderosis which affects only 1 in 1.5 million people. After several tests, examinations, and a lung biopsy we are still awaiting the results for a definitive diagnosis.

I've always had a solid faith, but more than ever I understand the power of prayer. I started a Facebook page, "Prayers for Josie", to ask others to pray for my sweet girl. The overwhelming response leaves me speechless and my heart full of gratitude. 

During this time, I am reminded of our symbol, the anchor. It represents hope. I have hope that the doctors will be able to treat her. I have hope that my girl will be able to live as normal a life as before. I have hope that her body will be completely healed and maybe one day they will find a cure. I have hope that one day, she too, will wear the anchor. 

The friendships I made through Delta Gamma have grown throughout the years. The value of sisterhood is priceless. I continue to humbly request your prayers for our daughter. We don't know the path ahead of us, but we have HOPE that we will make it through.

Jesseca Welch, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma