Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q and A with a DG Celebrity

Periodically, DG Anchors will ask some of our esteemed members these ponderous questions. Today's responses come from Delta Gamma's NPC Delegate Barbara Bartlett Probst, Gamma Upsilon-Wichita State (pictured in the blue).

Q: What is your all-time favorite Dee Gee memory?
A: It has to be the night I preferenced Delta Gamma at Wichita State, Gamma Upsilon chapter. I've remembered it well for over 50 years now, with the red carpet that led to the beautiful ice anchor upon which I placed my lei, and would pick it up the next day if I returned. And I especially remember the song, "For All We Know we Shall Never Meet Again"...that had me in tears, because I knew I wanted to meet the Delta Gammas the next morning and was both excited and scared that we would "never meet again." What a great decision I made that day to pledge Delta Gamma and I thank them to this day for choosing me. It has been life-altering for me in so many good ways! Little did I know then that I would travel to over 100 campuses, meet hundreds of sisters who would become "my sisters" and grow and learn to be a leader...just a few of the many things I contribute to Delta Gamma. 

Q: Which Delta Gamma convention has been your favorite and why? A: Convention 2000, Fiesta in Phoenix, my 15th convention.  Why? Because, for one thing I was honored to be asked to Chair the Convention, and it truly was one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I have had in Delta Gamma.... but mainly because it brought many new DG faces together-women who had not been involved for a while and had never known each other before they got this call to serve. I, myself, was very new to the Phoenix Area and didn’t know any of these women. Today, many are still dear friends. The entire committee was dedicated, energetic and extremely enthusiastic about putting on the BEST Convention ever. We learned how to work together, appreciate one another and laugh a lot...and the result was a TERRIFIC Convention enjoyed by all.

Q: If you have one piece of advice for a new member of Delta Gamma, what would that be? A: To remember that Delta Gamma is a lifetime experience, and to enjoy every minute to its fullest. In order to do that, you have the obligation to give back to your fraternity by being involved, by paying your dues, by wearing your Anchor badge with pride and by living the Oath of Friendship! Nothing is more sacred than our Oath of Friendship, and it represents the way we should all live our lives, loving and supporting our sisters no matter what. Delta Gamma is forever... and you will be absolutely amazed at all the incredible new friendships you will make along the way. It’s a win/win situation no matter how you look at it.
Q: What have you learned from being part of the leadership of Delta Gamma? A: That it is an honor and privilege to serve the fraternity at any level, but especially if one is lucky enough to work at the Council level. All eight of us who currently serve on the council must realize that the future of our fraternity is in our hands and we must make good sound decisions, be competent enough to share a vision of what we want for Delta Gamma's future and we must lead with honesty, integrity and lots of enthusiasm.

Q: What is your hope for the future of Delta Gamma? A:  As Delta Gamma's NPC Delegate, I work closely with the other 25 groups, and we all work together advocating for not only our individual groups but for all groups. I expect Delta Gamma to take the lead in advocating for our women, to ensure that DG is there for my three granddaughters and for all those other wonderful young legacies to come. Being a member of Delta Gamma is a “gift” and each of us needs to appreciate, nurture and support our fraternity so that we will still be strong and viable 140 years from now.

Q: What is it like to have a celebrity son? A: Well, it has worked magic once in a while in Delta Gamma.  When I have collegians look at me like I am "too old" to possibly understand what they are saying or where they are coming from, I pull out the stops and mention that I do have three children- and they might be familiar with one of them. At the mention of Jeff's name that suddenly makes me a "mom" and then I'm okay. I always love their reaction.

Actually, I have three fabulous sons, two daughters-in-law, a terrific husband of 53 years and four adorable grandchildren... all of whom are the lights of my life, but one son is "well known" and; of course, we are all very proud of Jeff. Likewise, he is very proud of me. If you were to see Jeff on the street and say, "Hey, Jeff, I know your Mom, " he would immediately say, "You must be a DG!"  He has been incredibly supportive of my Delta Gamma career and has always known how very important Delta Gamma has been to me. I love that my family is all so supportive.

Oh, and yes, one other little thing...I've had the opportunity to attend the Emmy Awards three times - not to mention many other venues and trips to "exotic" Survivor Islands, which are so fun, thanks to Jeff. I guess you could say I'm enjoying the extra perks that come with being his Mom. (The 300th episode of Survivor was filmed in Samoa. Probst is pictured here on the set with her sons and husband.)

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to our blog readers?  A: I can truly say with all honesty, that with the exception of the love of my fabulous family, Delta Gamma has been nearest and dearest to my heart since I pledged in 1957. That is nearly 55 years of love I have had for my fraternity and represents my involvement for nearly every one of those years. Delta Gamma has given me way more than I can ever give back. I am one very lucky lady!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hanging with Bill Rancic

Rancic and Lehman
Chapter director: Lectureship Sloane Lehman, Beta Iota-Purdue, hired Bill Rancic to be the keynote speaker at the chapter's seventh Delta Gamma Lectureship in Values & Ethics on October 2, 2011. Bill Rancic, the first "Apprentice" chosen by Donald Trump, is a positive role model for young people, espousing the importance of honesty, fairness and hard work. Chapter members are thrilled as scenes from the Purdue visit will be a part of an upcoming tv show.

Lehman says, "He gave a wonderful and inspiring talk to more than 700 people in Elliott Music Hall at Purdue. Everyone came away invigorated and motivated to do their best and never give up."

Bill is married to Giuliana, an anchor on E! Entertainment News and reality show co-star. Recently, the couple has been in the spotlight due to Giuliana's struggles with breast cancer. They have been willing to share their experience to help others and will continue to do so on their upcoming television shows. Their series, "Giuliana & Bill," now in its fifth season, is a positive and unscripted reality series -  a romantic love-story and comedy.

Rancic at the Beta Iota chapter house.
Bill brought along his camera crew last October and they were with members of Beta Iota chapter for five hours, at the chapter house and at Elliott Hall where Bill's lecture was held. The Purdue visit will be a part of Guiliana & Bill's season five, episode two, "The Booby Trap," airing on Style Network. Tune in to watch or record the Purdue Delta Gammas with Bill Rancic (episodes air repeatedly):

Beta Iota collegians with Bill Rancic.