Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do The Right Thing

Because it’s the right thing to do. How many times have we heard that line before? That famous phrase did not fully resonate with me until about two years ago when I was faced with the toughest choice I had been given thus far. 

I relied on this phrase when, as president of my chapter, the chapter was faced with an allegation of hazing. I remember reading a complaint that detailed an event that had taken place and thinking “what did I allow to happen?” There were multiple steps that needed to take place and the biggest step was deciding to either admit fault on behalf of my chapter or deny the allegation and endure an investigation to prove innocence. I knew the reality; those things happened and it was going to be really embarrassing to admit it.

The bottom line was that my chapter committed those actions and I knew about most of what had happened. Many of my sisters at the time did not feel it was wrong, but I knew that the accusation was exactly right. It was then that I was reminded that I had to take responsibility for our actions because it was the right thing to do. And, yes, telling a group of 100 sisters that I took responsibility for something we had done was one of the most difficult things I have done. But those sisters who now lead the chapter after I graduated are able to be proud of the fact that they are leaders of a chapter that does not haze and has overcome hard times to get rid of it.

You don’t have to be the president to make the decision to take that responsibility for your chapter either; anyone can overcome hazing in their own chapter. Hazing is wrong and it takes courage to stop hazing in your chapter. Take comfort in the fact that doing the right thing is enough justification. As Delta Gammas, it is our obligation to do the right thing and stand up for our sisters.

About Courtney: Courtney graduated in May, 2012. She is a Teach For America corps member in Delaware, where she teaches 5th grade math. She also serves as a Delta Gamma collegiate chapter adviser.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keeping it in the Family

We recently received these photos featuring multiple generations of Delta Gamma members. We love to see such images. Recruitment numbers are pouring in and new members are joining Delta Gamma every day. We welcome our newest members and we extend a special shout-out to our Delta Gamma legacies.

Mom Ellen Janowicz Hunstein, Zeta Iota-Chapman, and aunt Alene Janowicz Frankel, Beta Chi-Denver, with their legacy Claire Hunstein, Gamma Chi-Cal State, Long Beach.

Grandmother, mother and granddaughter are three of four generations of DGs in this family. From left: Carla Pollard Bremer, Alpha Upsilon-Southern Methodist; Suzanne Bremer Shea, Beta Eta-Texas; Shannon Shea, Eta Gamma-Texas A and M.  (They share a special bond with deceased great grandmother Jeanne Cardwell Jarrell, Alpha Upsilon-Southern Methodist.)

Who is considered a Delta Gamma legacy? Granddaughters, daughters, sisters or the same step-relations of Delta Gamma members are considered Delta Gamma legacies.

Do Delta Gamma legacies receive special consideration? Delta Gamma legacies do receive special consideration. After all, they hopefully have had a lifetime of teaching and experiences involved to some extent with Delta Gamma. Collegiate Delta Gamma chapters are asked to invite a legacy to at least one invitational round, if local Panhellenic rules allow.

Does being a legacy of another sorority hurt my chances of joining Delta Gamma? Being a legacy of another NPC group with a chapter on your campus does not hurt your chances of joining Delta Gamma. We understand that college women may find that they do not always feel comfortable in the chapter where they are a legacy.

Should I write a Sponsor Form for my legacy?
Yes! For some chapters, a Sponsor Form is the only way they have to identify legacies during recruitment. In addition, the Sponsor Form provides a way for you to share more information about your legacy, including the connection she has with Delta Gamma. If you wish to be notified during recruitment if your legacy is not returning to a Delta Gamma recruitment event, you must include your contact information. The chapter's membership adviser cannot obtain your phone number or email from Executive Offices; you must provide it voluntarily.

My daughter did not pledge DG.
We do hear from our members who are disappointed when their legacy does not become a Delta Gamma and we understand that disappointment. We hope that with time, those members will come to realize that joining a Greek group is a choice and as individual as selecting a college or a new home. As a part of the National Panhellenic Conference, we take pride in the Greek system as a whole and the important influence it can have on members' lives, regardless of the specific letters associated with a group.

Register your Delta Gamma legacy today! Anchor Girl registration is open. Visit the Delta Gamma website for more information: DG/legacies.xml