Friday, May 18, 2012

Convention Rewind

As DGs throughout North America prepare for Delta Gamma's 65th Biennial Convention (in Indianapolis in June), let's rewind and reflect on some of our past conventions.

Convention totes have been a long-standing tradition. Attendees happily fill their bags with mementos and important paperwork throughout their stays. The tote pictured above is from a past DG convention. Can you guess where they were? Were you there? Leave a comment on our blog.

Here are some hints. It would have been considered a northerly locale. While visiting, you might have heard another language being spoken there.

Dressed for dinner - love those hats!

General Session, Convention 1956

Where were they in 1956? Were you there?
Check back here next week and we will tell you where the Delta Gammas convened in 1956. Email us your feedback at or leave a comment below.

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