Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Gift of Hope

Parents Club Gives Members the Gift of Quality Time and DG History

Parents are our foundation. They shape our lives in many ways. The parents of Eta Kappa-North Carolina State women started something new this year to continue to serve as examples of hope to their daughters during this holiday season.

Chapter president Maria Dimopoulos, Eta Kappa-North Carolina State, and her mother Kathy wanted a fun way for members to connect with the history of Delta Gamma and bond with their parents.

Ornaments made by the Eta Kappa Parents Club
The parents club made ornaments and sponsored a holiday gift exchange. Gifts, gift cards, jewelry, gift baskets and monetary donations valued at $5 were wrapped and brought to the chapter house. Members chose a gift, sat in a circle and listened to the history of Delta Gamma. At certain points in the story, the reader would say “left” or “right,” indicating the direction the member was to pass her gift. At the end of the story, most of the women had a different box than they originally chose. Not only did they receive a nice gift, they had the opportunity to spend time with their parents and reflect on the history of Delta Gamma.

Kathy Dimopoulos is the mother of the Eta Kappa-NC State chapter president Maria Dimopoulos. Kathy lives in Wilmington, North Carolina and works as an accountant. You can reach Kathy at

If you want to do this project in your chapter, here is a link to their Pinterest Board with all the information:

If you’d like inspiration for starting a parents club in your chapter, here is the Facebook fan page for the Eta Kappa Parents Club:

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