Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Remembering Patricia Peterson Danielson

“Your own self at your very best all of the time.”

If there was ever a Delta Gamma “call to action” this was it.   It came from one of my dearest friends, my mentor and my beloved 
Delta Gamma sister, Patricia Peterson Danielson….Patty, Theta-Indiana.

I met Patty for the very first time in 1977 when she was a Province Alumnae Chairman and I was the Advisory Board Chairman for Delta Xi-Ball State.  

She came to visit the Muncie alumnae, but as she always did, she wanted to spend time with the collegians.   When she walked into the chapter suite, the collegians were absolutely enamored with this beautiful, classy and kind lady…as was I.   Her message was simple:  “Your own self at your very best all of the time.” It was a message that resonated then and still does today.  It is the heart of Delta Gamma.

There was never a time when Patty was too busy to talk, to help, to counsel, to love and to care. I knew if I could just talk to Patty, the answer to my question would come….not directly, of course, but from her wise questions and sincere listening and her spoken and sometimes unspoken words moving me to the right answer.

Her most important gift to me was her constant reminder to “be my own self, at my very best, all of the time.”   The most important gift I can give back to Patty is to live this every day and to share it with others.

I take comfort in knowing that the “Three Amigos”, Eleanor Slaughter, Barbara Laederach and Patty Danielson are holding chapter in heaven today.

Written by Maureen Syring, Nu-Idaho.  

VIdeo with more about Patty here.


  1. Margaret Sweatt GorslineDecember 10, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    I, too, received much wise counsel from Patty. What a joy to work with her over the years and have her mentor so many of us fledglings! We worked together to get the PPD criteria just the way she envisioned it - rewarding and recognizing as many chapters as possible because this indicated a strong Delta Gamma Fraternity...the love of her life. The world, and Delta Gamma in particular, has lost a very special person. I have lost a very special sister. Marge Sweatt Gorsline, Fraternity President 1994-1998

  2. Beverly Brice LeBoeufDecember 10, 2013 at 11:45 AM

    This makes me so sad but so proud, too. She was a great sister and mentor. She served as Chairman when I was on Nominating Committee and was very wise indeed. She will be missed. Great tribute, 'Reen!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a woman who has been a role model for so many! She helped shape the standards for Delta Gamma chapters that are even more important to the success of Delta Gamma now than when first written. The Danielson's generosity to Delta Gamma by endowing the PPD Award will keep Patty's love, devotion, and standards for excellence in the hearts of all of us forever. I am a much richer Delta Gamma because I was fortunate to have known Patty Danielson.

  4. Patricia Peterson Danielson was an exceptional leader who helped make Delta Gamma a stronger women’s fraternity, and shared her expertise with National Panhellenic Conference colleagues so that collegians and alumnae across North American would benefit. Her gracious spirit and love for Delta Gamma were exemplary! Besides that, she was a classy lady who was a wonderful role model. While we will miss her, we know that she would want her beloved Delta Gamma to be true to itself and its values and always strive to achieve excellence.