Wednesday, May 28, 2014

College to Career: Landing the Job! Part 2

Moving to a new city can be a scary thing! You are most likely leaving your support group behind and starting fresh. The beauty of moving to a new city are the endless possibilities that await: a new apartment, new roommates, new friends...the list goes on and on. While it can be daunting to think about all of these new experiences at once, we’re going to tackle them one by one in this post.

The first thing you should do once you plan on moving to a new city is join the Delta Gamma Alumnae chapter/association. Most groups also have a Facebook page which you should join too. In the NYC DG group, there are numerous posts about women subletting or looking for apartments and roommates. This is easily the best place to start. Not only is joining the Alumnae group in your new city an awesome way to find a roommate (that is how I found mine!), it is the best way to find new friends. Don’t be shy about writing a post saying you are new to the city and you’d love to meet some DGs! Make an effort to attend any of the events that interest you and get to know the other women who are there. Remember, these women are your sisters and you already have a strong common interest: Delta Gamma! 

Finding a new apartment can be tricky depending on where you plan on moving to. In some cities, you can easily do your research a few months in advance and sign a lease well before you move. In New York City, for example, the turnaround time for finding an apartment and signing the lease could be a few days to two weeks; which makes it difficult to find a place before you move. If you are unable to spend a week or two in your new city to find a new apartment before your official move date, doing a short-term sublet is a great option. Some companies even have corporate housing that their relocating employees can utilize while they look for a place to live, so reach out to your HR department and see if that is an option. 

Once you have the stressors of finding a roommate and apartment figured out, take some time to relax! Grab Happy Hour after work with your new co-workers or some fellow DGs who are also new to the city. It will take some time to adjust to being in a new place, but having friends makes it a lot easier, so get out there! If you are moving to a big city, there are always plenty of things to do on the weekends, you just have to discover what they are. I read Thrillist a few times a week to discover the best brunch spots of the moment or if there are any cool activities to do in Brooklyn (there are plenty). Read community newspapers or blogs to find out about any festivals, free movie screenings, etc. The more you do on the weekends and after work, the easier it will be to ease into your new city and you will be having so much fun while doing it!

Carly was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Oregon State University in 2012. After graduation, Carly was a Delta Gamma Collegiate Development Consultant and in May 2013 moved to New York City. Carly now works as the Training and Development Coordinator in Human Resources at News America Marketing in Midtown Manhattan. 

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