Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Smiled the Whole Way

Specialist meetings opened
the weekend of DG smiles.
I smiled the whole way through the airport on the way here. I smiled on the plane, and even talked with people when I normally might nap. Delta Gamma Convention has that effect on me, and many others I know. It’s a huge reunion, one filled with anchors, faces of old friends, faces of team members, and of new ideas and concepts.

Pit crews are at work. There is a lot of energy in the air, with Thursday being a day for last minute set up, and for special meetings. The staff is checking people in, handing out huge tote bags. They’ve been setting up and taking down the opening meetings without a hitch. Delta Gamma volunteers split up for pep talks and to learn about goals for the future (e-learning, anyone?).

Anchor Market place is already in full speed, selling out of items left and right. They’re only open until 11 p.m. tonight (Thursday), so their speedway is swarmed with Delta Gammas.

The opening banquet included an introduction from a local TV news anchor, a live acapella performance from Butler Universities singing group "Out of the Dawg House," and I have to mention the plate of mini desserts at dinner!

Spirits are high at the raceway. Sometimes I think Delta Gamma Conventions could break a record for most hugs given in one day. Today was no exception. It's neat to see old friends reunite, but even more special to see friends meet for the first time, forming what could be a long lasting friendship. Delta Gammas are instant friends here, no matter which "pit crew" or region they're from. And speaking of regions, how amazing it is to see the unique styles and personalities of each region, collaborating in workshops and presentations.

Tomorrow is set to be another day of smiles on the raceway.

Paige Browning, Pi-Montana
Council Appointed Coordinator, Eta Iota- Universty of Nevada, Reno

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