Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Lap, Another Lesson

Coming around the track for its 65th lap, convention has flown by, leaving us in a state of heightened inspiration and contemplation. With the swiftness of a racecar, Delta Gamma Convention 2012 presented itself with sleek glamour and shameless intention of leaving its mark – in true Delta Gamma fashion. Although only a few days, this year’s biennial session has offered much in experience and instruction for collegians and alumnae alike. Together we experienced the swooning power of a musician’s charm and observed time-old Fraternity traditions. We were inspired by countless speeches and further educated through general sessions. We fostered friendships with other like-minded fabulous women, and had a great time doing it all.

Over the past few days we have learned, or perhaps relearned, several things. For example, we discovered that mysterious looking food is actually quite tasty, but should still be approached with caution (just in case), and that expecting to remain well rested is quite simply unrealistic. While convention has been filled with innumerable, arguably trivial realizations, it has also produced many deeper thoughts. Lectureship guest speaker Michael Hingson reminded us that being a Delta Gamma is a privilege that provides us with a unique opportunity to positively influence the lives of others. In the Leadership luncheon lecture, “From My Perspective,” guest Pete Smithhisler reiterated our duty as Fraternity women to encourage others to “join the family” by living our ritual in our everyday lives and showing others exactly what membership in “the family” truly means. During the Panhellenic luncheon Alpha Xi Delta spokesman Ginny Carroll impressed upon us the significance of Greek life, articulately reasoning why Greek life is unique, necessary and, if done properly, self-sustainable.

Throughout the week we have been challenged to look deep within ourselves, striving to align our personal values with the Fraternity’s. And finally, any misconception that Delta Gamma thrives only at the collegiate level was effectively popped. For me this meant finally bursting my Alpha Zeta bubble and embracing the impressive scope that is our international Fraternity.

As these lessons are just the tip of the iceberg, one can only imagine the full breadth and wealth of knowledge disseminated throughout convention. A Founder’s Day speaker once told my chapter to place “attending a convention” on our Delta Gamma bucket list. I, and my fellow convention attendees, may now vouch for this statement; there are few things in life that will stick with you forever, and the convention experience is absolutely one of them.

Cadence Peckam, Alpha Zeta-Lawrence
2012-2013 Collegiate Development Consultant

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