Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Childhood to Adulthood, Love Conquers All

“Long distance is hard. You have to trust that as you each change on your own, your relationship will also change along with you. It takes hope, good humor, and idealism. It takes a massive dose of courage to protect the relationship at all odds. It is hard, but worth it.
You'll both be stronger as a result.”
― Craig M. Mullaney, The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier's Education

Playing nicely as kids

When I was a little girl, I had no idea that my brother’s friend would be the love of my life. When we were young; it was about playing and laughing and me being the pesky little sister. It is funny to look back and think of those days and to see where Alex and I are today. Today Alex is my best friend, my hero and my rock. Sometimes I wonder if we would be in love today if our families had not grown apart for nine years.

Curiosity and technology is what brought us back together. Our mothers have been friends since they were in seventh grade and it was their friendship that inspired me to reconnect all of us after too many years apart. When I got the idea to contact him, I was afraid he wouldn’t remember me. I had nothing to worry about. It was like no time had passed. From the moment he wrote, "I remember you," we wrote to each other every day. At first, I was only interested in reuniting our mothers; but, it was when I saw him in person for the first time in nine years that everything changed.

Lance Corporal Alex Sanford
Looking at him took me back to the beach, to his backyard and to the childhood we shared. We were taller, of course, but he was the same Alex. The biggest difference, he was on leave from Camp Lejeune. He is a Marine now. He proudly serves our nation and it’s one of the reasons that I love him so much. He asked me out on an official date during that week at home and we’ve been together ever since. It’s the most challenging, but rewarding relationship I’ve ever had. We are far apart and only see each other for a week or so every few months, but the distance does indeed make my heart grow fonder. His deployment is around the corner and he needs me now more than ever. I do worry every day about it and I am scared, but I could not imagine my future without him. I will do whatever it takes to get through the hard moments and be able to enjoy the happy ones. For Christmas, he surprised me with a deployment ring. It’s not an engagement ring, but rather a promise. A promise to come home to me, a promise to love me and it’s my promise to pray for him, wait for him and support him. What started as a play date, is now two adults, planning their future together, hand-in-hand. I’ve learned that everything really does happen for a reason and that it paid to play nice as a kid.

Stephanie Bergeron, Eta Beta-Hartford, is a sophomore majoring in business marketing. She is from Massachusetts and adores her dog, Penny. Her boyfriend Lance Corporal Alex Sanford is in the United States Marine Corp. He deploys in April. You can reach Stephanie at


  1. What a great story! I'll keep Alex in my thoughts as well.

    I can't help but see the parallel in our DG lives. How many of us are friends with our chapter sisters in the manner of children, grow apart after graduation, and reconnect years later with that initial joy.

  2. Beautifully done! The joy you both bring to us, the childhood friends who are now watching their children grow in such a loving relationship, is immeasurable. Know you are not alone in the coming months. I look forward to watching and reading future blogs.

  3. Beautiful Story! Good luck with everything

  4. Wonderfully written. I wish you the best of luck with everything, and know that the sisters at HB will be there for you through everything like they were always there for me <3.
    HB-Hartford Spring 2007