Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quotes for a DG

Member behind popular Twitter account says it was a rough start

We’re all on Twitter and when Delta Gammas look at their feeds, I wanted them to find positive words about our Fraternity. I’ll be the first to admit that on my social media journey, I made some rookie mistakes.

My idea was to create a Twitter account that is based on quotes that would suit a DG sister. I came up with the handle @quotesforadg.

It started with tweets that said "Do Good" and "Delta Gamma is what I amma." I followed a few sisters to start my follower base. I never imagined that my account would grow to be so popular.

But; I made my first mistake just a couple weeks into the project. I didn’t think it was a big deal to start re-tweeting groups like "Total Sorority Move" and "Total Fraternity Move." I just wanted to gain followers and I know those accounts are popular. What I didn’t take into account was that some of the tweets weren’t in line with Delta Gamma values; I found that out first hand when I was contacted by DG Leaders.

It’s hard to take criticism about a project, especially when you think you are “Doing Good.” I listened to the women who contacted me and I started to understand why some of the things that I posted in the name of Delta Gamma were causing a stir, and not in a good way.
I was told by one leader: “I love that you are so willing to remain positive and be a positive voice for women who are members of DG. Just some requests from one Twitter fan to another:
  1. Try not to talk negatively about other groups by saying DG is the best. Be Panhellenic and show some love to other groups.
  2. Please watch your language.
  3. No RT’ing TSM’s. I only saw two but those are not what we are about. They make jokes that don’t help our reputation
  4. Use your platform for good things, goodwill and good news about what it means to be in Delta Gamma. I BELIEVE IN YOU!”

When I first read this, I was taken back a little bit. It didn’t even occur to me what I was tweeting. I went through those tweets and deleted them. Now, I refrain from quoting TSM (who doesn’t help Greek Life reputations), using inappropriate language and saying how Delta Gamma is the best.

What I do, is try to enforce Greek unity because we are all Greek together! Like one of my favorite quotes, “These letters don’t make me better than you; they make me better than I used to be.”

The emails and conversations from Delta Gamma leaders changed me for the better online.

Women my age often think it’s OK to post whatever they feel and think that future employers can’t see it -- which is far from the truth. As another woman told me, “Your social media footprint will follow you like your shadow, you might not always see it, but it’s there.” Remember, you’re always wearing your letters!

Since that conversation in early July, I now have more than 2,100 followers. I am so blessed for having so many supporters and all of my followers inspire me every day and make me glad I became a Delta Gamma.
My main point of having this account was to connect sisters all over the world to each other over a common but strong thread: our love for Delta Gamma. Whether the tweets are about This Day in DG History, song lyrics, fast facts, or an overall Delta Gamma quote, I hope they instill the pride in each and everyone one of you for being a member of such a great organization.
As I said, Delta Gamma doesn’t make me better than those who aren’t; they make me better than the person I used to be.

Kaylin Marques, Eta Beta–Hartford, is double majoring in marketing and communications with a minor in finance. She plans to work as an event planner. You can contact Kaylin at or follow her on Twitter @quotesforadg.
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