Thursday, April 4, 2013

From Lost Alumna to Adviser

I recently heard a term that was new to me – “lost alumna.”  For nearly twenty years, that term described me.

I left DG behind when I left college, in part because I lived far from my campus of initiation and my sisters were spread out across the country.  I did not realize I missed DG until my daughter joined a different sorority at the University of Alabama before DG colonized here.  When DG announced that it was colonizing at the University of Alabama, I sought opportunities to be involved in limited ways.  Then I received an unforgettable phone call – I was asked to serve as an adviser.  I protested that I had no time, but I was a push over because I wanted to contribute in any way I could to make sure the new Delta Gamma colony would be outstanding.  

That call truly changed my life.  I now spend significant time (hours I did not know I could find) consulting with collegians and assisting the officers, directors, and other advisers.  In return, I receive rewards I anticipated: satisfaction from watching the collegians successfully complete major tasks; joy from relationships with outstanding young women who are just beginning to chart their paths in life; pride from observing motivated and caring young women develop into mature leaders; and fulfillment from relationships with the outstanding members of the advisory team.  I also receive rewards I never imagined:  knowledge and personal growth due to the extensive tutelage of our outstanding Council Appointed Consultant and Council Appointed Recruitment Coordinator; friendship and wisdom from numerous dedicated fraternity officers, directors and employees who have always willingly answered my numerous questions; and the development of skills in conflict management, leadership, teaching, etiquette, and communications from working with the collegians.  To my surprise, I learn as much, or more, from the collegians than they learn from me!  I am truly grateful to be a found alumna.

Appie Owens Millsaps, Zeta Beta - Dartmouth College, is an attorney at law in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  She practices with the law firm of Owens & Millsaps.  She also serves as the Advisory Team Chairperson for Beta Psi - University of Alabama.  You can reach Appie at

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  1. This is so awesome. Appie should be the spokeswoman for "Why Should You Be An Adviser?" :) Well said! I hope other DGs read this and take charge!