Thursday, April 25, 2013

What it Means to be an Adivser

As our final Adviser Appreciation Month blog post we have a letter from an adviser to Mu-Missouri's Chapter Management Team (CMT). It is a wonderful summary of what advisers are and what they do for our collegians. 

Dear Mu CMT,

I am looking forward to having a fabulous year of improvements and watching each of you make your mark on Mu chapter.

There are a few things that I just wanted to go over as we undertake the new year.

My job is to advise, not do. Sometimes, it's hard for me to toe the line on that one. I need to guide, offer ideas, and answer questions. If I make suggestions, it's okay to say no. Ultimately, you are responsible for the duties of your positions. Watch your deadlines and be knowledgeable with all of the handbooks and resources available to you.

I appreciate your prompt responses to me and other advisers. If you need time to look into something or you're in the middle of a crazy few days with classes, just send a quick, "I got your message and I should be able to look into it soon." It is preferable to receive some type of response within 24 hours. I will do the same for you. If things are crazy with the kids and I can't get you an answer right away, I'll at least let you know that. Trying to follow some etiquette that you might see when you enter a job after college hopefully will be helpful.

You can call me, text me, email me, ask to meet for coffee. I'm very accessible.  If you need a home-cooked meal, I'm here for that too.

Please remember what we've talked about as a chapter as far as social responsibility. As an officer, you are held to a higher standard. Please watch what you post on Facebook and/or photos others tag you in. I see some really great group shots and then I see some pictures that aren't so great. These are there forever. I'm not on Twitter so I won't see what you're doing there, but make it worthy of being a Delta Gamma. Be positive examples for the chapter.

Stay on top of your studies. If you are finding trouble managing, come to me. We'll talk and work on it. Don't let the end of the semester catch up to you and find your grades aren't what they need to be. Balance is hard to achieve, but I know you can do it.

I am thankful to each of you for being willing to step up and lead your chapter. Be confident in your leadership abilities and be flexible. Delegate. Dream. Keep focus on the big picture when the day-to-day starts to drag you down. Be ready to hold your sisters accountable. Be ready to see the amazing product of your hard work. Honor Eva, Anna, and Mary in everything you do, and I'll always be your champion. 


Julie Ryan, Epsilon Nu - James Madison, is the Member Education Adviser of Mu-Missouri. She can be reached at

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