Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips for Graduating Delta Gammas

This is the time of year when many students graduate from college. The purpose of school is to prepare students for the real world. There are many things that you may not have learned in college, or even through the Fraternity. This post is to supplement what you've learned. Getting a job is one thing, but keeping it and excelling at it are another. Here are some tips to help you get ahead:

My doctoral dissertation focused on success factors of female Fortune 1000 board members. These tips helped them, as well as other women leaders, get ahead. Follow their footsteps and you could be the next woman to break through the glass ceiling!

Make a good first impression.
When you first meet someone, look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake. You don’t want it to be limp like a fish and you don’t want to make it seem like you’re breaking their hand either. Introduce yourself with your first and last name. Be sure to hand out your business card, and get theirs too. Ask to keep in touch through LinkedIn. You never know what staying in touch this way will bring. I’ve gotten jobs just by being connected with people through LinkedIn.

Unlearn what you might have learned.
At a young age, women are often socialized in a way that is counterproductive to their success. Some examples of this are being taught to be demure and told that math is for boys. Both of these things can hinder women from success. Being assertive and learning math are things that anyone can do and can help anyone to succeed. Of course, being aggressive is not valued in the workplace, but being assertive is essential to success.

Dress to get ahead.
What women wear is important to success. Studies show that dressing seductively in the workplace keeps women from excelling. If women want to be treated as equal in the workplace and valued, they need to act accordingly. One good example of proper dress was actually taught to me as a Delta Gamma in college. If you’re going to wear a dress, test the appropriateness of its length by putting your hands on your sides with your hands flat. If the dress goes below your middle finger, you’re okay, if it’s above, it’s too short. Don’t show cleavage or a midriff. These are two things that detract from great work. You want to be known for the excellent work you produce, not how tight your clothes are!

Communicate well.
The way you speak is extremely important. Be confident. Lowering the tone of your voice and speaking up are two things that can help you be seen as more credible. Do not end sentences with questions, this detracts from the importance of what you are saying. Also, filler words such as like and um take away from important things you have to say as well.

Dr. Margaret Moodian, Zeta Iota-Chapman, and her husband, Dr. Michael Moodian, live in Orange County, California with their rescue dog, Manny, and chinchilla, Marshall. You can reach Margaret at or follow her on Twitter @mminni100.

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