Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Socially Savvy DG Story

After graduating from the Epsilon Zeta chapter at Loyola Marymount University in 2007, I was ready to conquer the “real world”.  After graduation, I moved back home to San Diego and got an internship with The Upper Deck Company, where I was quickly given the reigns to tackle the new marketing buzz term, social media.

Facebook had just rolled out Pages for companies, YouTube and Twitter were just born, and blogging was about to take off. The marketing world as we knew it was going social. And who better than a communicative sorority girl to take the lead? I worked at Upper Deck for two and a half years before moving into the hospitality space to create social media strategies for high-end resorts. In 2011, I started my own business, Carrie Elizabeth Consulting, and was hired a year and a half later by Internet Marketing Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency in San Diego, to build out the social media department.

On my first day at IMI in October of 2012, I had one client. Four months later, I had eight clients and needed some help. I connected with a friend in the industry who connected me with what looked like the perfect candidate to help me build the social media team, Devon DeMars. I clicked on her LinkedIn profile and saw that we had ten mutual connections – two of which were my roommates at the time, and another who is my sister! It turns out that Devon was a DG at USC! We hit it off instantly, and I’m so happy to have her on the team.

On Devon’s first day of work, I introduced her to the other employees, and ended the tour with her meeting our new social media intern at the time, Kelsey Powell. After a few days Devon realized she was carrying a DG gym bag with her to work! Kelsey graduated from San Diego State University last May and is now one of our social media project managers… Yet another DG added to the social team!
Our social team only continued to grow, and so did the need for another team member. I was given a resume from a co-worker who spoke highly of a candidate named Sara Rogers. “She’s even a Delta Gamma”, he said, “which means she will be a great fit”. Sara had graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder and in fact is a perfect fit with our team.

Now four DGs strong in our department, word has gotten out that IMI has a soft spot for Delta Gammas. We now have two interns who are also DGs and who are seniors currently at San Diego State University, Julia White and Hallie Jacobs.

What can we say, even our mission statement has “Do Good” in it.

Carrie Peterson was the chapter president of Epsilon Zeta-Loyola Marymount in 2006 and is currently the social media director at IMI, where she currently works with five fellow DGs on a team of seven. You can email her at or visit if you’d like to work with fellow Delta Gammas on your social media, or simply to say hello. 


  1. My daughter is a Dg and is President of San Dieho alumnae chapter. She has a background in advertising & Communications. She is an online operations Manager for a large Restaurant/Hospitality Group. She may be looking fir a job change. She works with Social Media at this company. Any need in your company for a employee with her background?