Thursday, October 3, 2013

DG Values Flourish in Teach For America Classroom

After completing the first month of my second year as a Teach For America Corps Member, I am starting to truly understand what leads to my success and failures in the role.  While there are many criticisms out there regarding how effective Teach For America is and how a program that sends non-traditional teachers into difficult schools can even be effective, my students achieved many gains last year in both their personal and academic lives.  

Joe*, a fifth grader I taught last year, came to me at a third grade math level and with much perseverance on both of our parts, finished fifth grade working on a sixth grade math level, wearing new eyeglasses, and sporting more confidence.  Joe’s story and the countless other relationships I built over the past year showed me a lot about my character and my “true sense of social responsibility.”  

Values that I continue to recognize in myself and build upon in my alumna life directly contribute to my success as a Corps Member.  Members of Delta Gamma were chosen for their values and desire to continually develop themselves, which are qualities necessary of a Teach For America Corps Member and qualities that indicate successful Corps Members.

*names have been omitted

The third deadline for Teach for America applications is October 25. Find more information here. 

Courtney is an initiate of Epsilon Psi-Rutgers University. She is a Teach For America Corps Member in Delaware, where she teaches 5th grade math. She also serves as a Delta Gamma collegiate chapter adviser. Feel free to contact her about her Teach For America experience at 


  1. i'm a 2014 TFA corps member (accepted through the early juniors deadline), and i'm so glad to see a sister doing good! thank you for helping to close the achievement gap and ensure all children have an opportunity at an excellent education.

  2. I'm a 2003 TFA CM, Delta Gamma, Theta Chapter. Keep up the good work, ladies!