Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Costume Reminder

Halloween can be a fun time and dressing up can be a way to be someone else for a few hours, but this Halloween we ask that you consider your costume choices carefully.

The posters below show students from Ohio University standing up to cultural stereotypes depicted in Halloween costumes. The students are part of the STARS program which, according to their website,  “aims to raise awareness about social justice, and promote racial harmony.” You can learn more about the group HERE.
Before you dress up, ask yourself some serious questions:
 ·        Is my costume supposed to be funny?  Is the humor based on making fun of real people, human traits or cultures?
·         Does my costume perpetuate stereotypes, misinformation, or historical and cultural inaccuracies?
·         Would I want my costume pictured in the next issue of ANCHORA?

Halloween is no excuse to damage property, your credibility as a Delta Gamma, or your relationships. Please be safe and responsible.

Remember that Delta Gamma was founded on promoting education and cultural interests and a sense of social responsibility.

We know that you will “Do Good” this Halloween.

Delta Gamma Fraternity International Council 

Executive Offices Staff

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