Monday, November 4, 2013

The Many Joys of Teach For America

There are many joys that come with teaching. There is no other job where you see your students’ ecstatic fist pumps after getting that A on a quiz. Or where you set Hot Cheetos on fire to teach students about thermodynamics as well as nutrition. Or where your sneezes prompt a chorus of “bless you!”(This is one of the most endearing things that I wish all people could experience).

Teach for America is about building relationships with students and partnering with coworkers to build a better school.  It’s about supporting children so they have the chance to see themselves achieve success inside and outside the classroom. 

I will be the first to tell you that it is not an easy journey. But I will also be the first to point out that with those challenges come many opportunities to make a positive impact on a community.

Erica Duh, Beta Theta-Duke grew up in the Washington metropolitan area. She is currently in her third year as a high school chemistry teacher in South Central Los Angeles. She can be contacted at with any questions or concerns regarding the application process and the TFA experience.

Teach for America application:

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