Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Things at the Biltmore

It’s day two and we can already tell we don’t want to leave this beautiful resort! How lucky to have our Convention at this breathtaking venue. Here’s a list of our top 10 favorite things about the Arizona Biltmore!

1. The pool. Well let’s be more specific. All 8 of them. One even has a 92-foot water slide! It’s been pretty hot here but going out to the pool earlier in the day is great! Delta Gammas can look forward to relaxing there on Sunday after Convention. 
2. The food. We have had some amazing meals so far. We can’t wait for the fancy Foundation Banquet Dinner and Award Ceremony Dinner. The desserts always look too beautiful to eat!
3. The architecture. The buildings all are Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced, the architect who built the Biltmore, Albert Chase McArthur, was his student. "Biltmore Block" covers the buildings and features a geometric pattern that is said to represent a freshly cut palm tree.
4. The Sprites. Statues of females known as “Sprites” of Midway Gardens (Chicago) were resurrected from their demise during prohibition and given to the Arizona Biltmore Resort as gifts. They are all around the grounds and make for a fun design for our Convention charm. 
5. The history. The hotel has been giving tours to our sisters and it is overflowing with history and famous guests. Actually, Marilyn Monroe had her favorite swimming pool at the resort – the Catalina Pool – where she could often be seen lounging by the water. 
6. The ceiling. Only the Taj Mahal has a larger golden ceiling. The ceiling is comprised of 38,000 square feet of individual 4-inch squares that were all hand applied by artisans on scaffolding.
7. A presidential retreat. Every U.S. president from Herbert Hoover through George W. Bush has stayed at the Arizona Biltmore. There’s a history hallway picturing every one of them.
8. The grounds and fountain. The grounds are so well-kept and are beautiful. Brightly colored flowers and perfectly kept grass welcomed Delta Gammas this week.
9. The view. The Arizona mountains surround the Biltmore and the view is awesome!
10. The fact that 1,000 other Delta Gammas are here! We are everywhere throughout this resort and it is so fun to run into old friends and make new ones!

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