Thursday, January 24, 2013

Annie: Anchored in Hope, Strength and Life

Annie with her brother Steve

DG Alumna Doesn’t Let Cancer Dampen her
Vibrant Spirit

I wanted to take the opportunity to share the amazing accomplishments of Epsilon Epsilon alumna Annie Goodman. Annie, a 2004 Tennessee Technological University graduate, was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the young age of 30. She currently lives in New York City and is a producer for “Your World with Neil Cavuto” at Fox News Channel.

Since her diagnosis in February 2012, she started a blog on Tumblr ( to share her story and experience with others.

Here’s an except from her first blog entry: “The pathologist is in the room looking at the slides of the sample as soon as they’re ready. She then says they need to do more invasive biopsies because the first ones are suspicious. I again ask, “for what, malignancy?” She bluntly responds, “Yes.” This is when it starts to hit me what’s going on. I’m 30 years old and about to be diagnosed with breast cancer. They ask if I am there alone. I say yes and then call my brother to come up. I know I cannot be alone when I am given this diagnosis. More biopsies are done and I could see on the looks of their faces this is not at all how I thought things would go. I get dressed, cry a lot, and head into the radiologist’s office. That’s when it’s confirmed: I am 30 years old and have breast cancer. I made an appointment to meet with the surgeon first thing the next morning. I am warned I will need surgery and chemotherapy. Then I start making the calls and sending the emails. I try to remain calm. It’s not easy.”

Fellow Epsilon Epsilon alumnae Crystal Bishop Piper and Jackie Parnell Crouch set up a account titled “Do Good for Annie Goodman” dedicated to Annie which provided a way for her fellow Delta Gamma sisters to “Do Good” in her honor and provide financial support to her throughout her battle. “Do Good for Annie Goodman” ( helped raise $4,570.00 that went directly to Annie to help pay for medical costs as well as purchase wigs and other necessities.
Since February, Annie has received a bilateral mastectomy (she donated the tissue to research), completed chemotherapy and has now started radiation. She has been dedicated to raising awareness of Triple Negative Breast Cancer through her blog, and became involved with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. During the month of October, Annie was in the survivor spotlight on the “Stupid Cancer Show” blogcast ( and has published two articles on “In the fight of her life: Triple negative breast cancer at 30” (, and “A simple blood test: Genetic mutations and breast cancer” (
The Pink Beauties
Annie is now cancer free and in remission. Feeling like a “work in progress,” she is looking forward to March when she can say she is one-year “cancer free,” but she says “the transition to real life as a ‘survivor’ is not easy.” In addition to battling an aggressive cancer, Annie was recently impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Her hometown of Massapequa, NY, was leveled. Thankfully, the NYC Cancer Center was spared of any damage so she only missed one week of radiation. Annie stayed in NYC during Hurricane Sandy to work, which included covering the hurricane and the presidential election. I cannot express in words how proud I am of Annie’s bravery and willingness to share her story with others. She has taken a horrible situation and found a way to “Do Good.” Annie is not only an inspiration; she is the embodiment of true Delta Gamma spirit: full of hope, full of strength, and full of life!

Crystal Bishop Piper, Epsilon Epsilon-Tennessee Tech, graduated in 2003. She recently got married and lives with her husband Jared in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Crystal works for the city of Franklin, Tennessee as a biologist. You can reach Crystal at: For more information on triple negative breast cancer:

Pictured top right: Annie and her brother Steve Goodman at the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation Benefit.
Pictured below: The “Pink Beauties” participate in the Susan G. Komen Nashville Race for the Cure in Honor of Annie. L-R: Jackie Parnell Crouch (Epsilon Epsilon), Samantha Brazelton, Bethann Kelley, Crystal Bishop Piper (Epsilon Epsilon), and Stephanie Vaughn Clark (Epsilon Epsilon).