Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mrs. Steely

Mr. and Mrs. Steely
By Kimberly Cindle Rieger,
Alpha Iota-Oklahoma

Have you ever known someone you respect so much you’ve never used their first name? For me and countless other women from Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, that person is Kathryn Copple Steely. It feels strange, even now at 41 years old and serving as chapter adviser, using her full name. We always knew her first name was Kathryn, but we never used it. To us, she was always “Mrs. Steely.”

Mrs. Steely was a member of Alpha Iota-Oklahoma house corporation board during my collegiate years and in the year prior, spearheaded a massive bond campaign to fund a multi-million dollar renovation of the chapter house. Alumnae from that time have often said, “Mrs. Steely convinced every Delta Gamma she knew to purchase a bond.” Her leadership during the renovation and support of the chapter through difficult times in the mid 1990’s were instrumental to Alpha Iota’s future success. Mrs. Steely was vital not only to Alpha Iota’s operations, but also as a role model. Through her actions, Mrs. Steely showed us how to be gracious, how to fulfill a promise of lifelong service to the Fraternity – how to “Do Good.”  

Kathryn Copple Steely, AI-Oklahoma
I wish Mrs. Steely could see Alpha Iota now – a house still beautiful 24 years after the renovation, one of the largest chapters in the country, full of young women she would have been thoroughly enjoyed. Today’s collegians would love her as much as we did, and without a doubt, they would call her “Mrs. Steely.”
Kathryn Copple Steely, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, died on Dec. 31, 2012, after an extended struggle with dementia. She is survived by three children, including Ann Steely McGehee, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma. Kathryn was a Cable Award recipient and devoted volunteer.