Thursday, August 8, 2013


I Believe in bettering men and women. I Believe in not hazing. I Believe in standing up for what's right. I Believe in living out the values I stand by. 

I Believe in tearing down stereotypes. I Believe in reaching out and helping others. I Believe in making a difference. I Believe in fun times had by all. 

I Believe in lifelong friendships, memories, and networks. I Believe in a better tomorrow. I Believe in individuality and diversity. 

I Believe in being positive and encouragement. I Believe in guiding people to reach their highest potential. 

I Believe in joining Greek organizations and I Believe these organizations help you find who you are, better yourself, help you in the future, and give you a sense of eternity. Furthermore, I Believe in "Doing Good."


Shelby Bounds, Delta Zeta-Memphis was recently  voted by her sisters to attend a UIFI session. During the session, she created the above "I Believe" statements. They are statements in which she fully believes in.

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