Friday, August 30, 2013

DGs Meet Sailing Abroad

From the beginning, I was told that Delta Gamma is a close-knit yet far-reaching community of like-minded women.

As a collegiate member of Delta Iota chapter, I began to see that this was a very true statement, meeting Delta Gamma women almost everywhere I went in the United States.

Through these experiences I grew to know the strength of Delta Gamma, but it was not until this past school year that I understood how easy it is to find and connect with like-minded Delta Gamma women.

I am currently studying abroad on a program called Semester at Sea. Each voyage has a group page on Facebook , which is used for communication amongst students. One student posted a question asking about Greek life affiliations . I proudly shared my Delta Gamma affiliation and was amazed when my comment got several likes in quick succession. I learned that these women were active Delta Gammas across the nation. I began talking with one girl named Anna, from the chapter at UConn. We agreed to meet in London and spend the first few days together before the voyage departed. Although I had never met Anna, I could trust that because she is a Delta Gamma that we would get along- and we have! We had great fun seeing Big Ben, riding the London Eye and seeing many other sights in London. In fact, as I sit here on the deck writing this blog, Anna is siting next to me working on homework for one of her classes.

I know there are many more Delta Gammas on the ship and I have been fortunate to run into and have conversations with many of them. It is a great comfort knowing that on this grand of an adventure, that I am surrounded by like-minded Delta Gamma women. Delta Gamma is truly forever, everywhere, and always.  

Morgan Kemper, Delta Iota- University of Georgia, is a junior double majoring in Social Work and Sociology.  She is currently pursuing her passions for travel and understanding new cultures by studying abroad with Semester at Sea. She can be reached at

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