Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alumnae Membership Development Award

The excitement continued as The Membership Development Award which recognizes alumnae chapters that use strategic and successful programming to increase membership, resulting in a larger percentage of local dues‐paying members.
The creativity and thought behind the programs of the chapters that applied for this award reflected so many groups’ focus on Delta Gamma’s values and founding principles. With a change in how we collect dues and a down economy, the task of increasing membership was challenging, but a number of chapters succeeded indeed!
The runner‐ up chapter not only had a significant increase in local dues‐paying members they also had a 207% increase in average attendance. This is a chapter that combined information age communications with personal outreach. In addition to technology, they also sent personal thank you letters to anyone paying per capita dues with a message to also pay local dues. The President of this chapter called members each week to invite them to events and promote the chapter. And, finally, the runner‐up had each officer personally host an event so that more members had a personal stake in the chapter’s success. For their tremendous success and creativity the runner‐up for the alumnae membership development award went to Northern Nevada.

Our winning chapter, also with a substantial increase of local dues‐paying members took a proactive and strategic approach to developing its membership. With 83% of its members initiated before 1970, the chapter knew it needed to reach out and attract younger alumnae without losing focus on its core membership. They conducted interviews and focus groups, and adapted its program offerings to include weekday, weekend and evening events. They partnered with the lions club to enhance its service for sight initiatives. They boosted their electronic communications. The result has been improvement overall with a record number of dues‐paying members and doubling their service hours. The winner of the alumnae membership development award is Greater Naples. Way to go women!!

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