Friday, June 18, 2010

Convention food is tasty??

Do you really think that food for 800+ can be decent? Well, we are experiencing a nice surprise here in Denver! Most attendees asked have been pleased with the food offered so far.

The lunch today was for Council/Cabinet/Foundation/Staff/BOA. We had a nice salad with shrimp, roasted red pepper, potatoes of different varieties, olives, eggs and green beans. To quote Lori O'Neal, Alpha Omega-Arkansas "I wasn't sure those were potatoes, but when I put it in my mouth, the texture confirmed". Dessert was a pear stuffed with a creamy sauce served with whipped cream, berries a small slice of pound cake.

Dinner was a 3 course meal. We started with a mixed green salad, then continued to a grilled chicken with a mushroom sauce served with mashed potatoes & green beans. Dessert followed with a cheesecake dome served on a cookie and topped with whipped cream a strawberry flavored chocolate shavings.Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

Stay tuned for tomorrow's menu items!

Teena Tabor
Beta Pi-Willamette
Phoenix Alumnae Chapter
Denver is my 5th Convention

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