Monday, June 21, 2010

Anchor items RESOURCES

I got home last night, and am already in withdrawal. It was rejuvenating and energizing and fabulous to see everyone, meet new friends, and at last put faces to names of women I had waited to meet for ages. I am filled with warm and fuzzies, as well as memories of lots of laughter and hilarious moments.

Throughout Convention, we spotted lots of anchor clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and even tattoos. Make sure you check back for a vast compilation of terrific designs and ingenious creations that were seen (and photographed for posterity and this blog). Take a look at just how crazy we all are for ANCHORS!

A few resources for those of you to get some of the anchor goods:

**Great embroidered anchor line at

**Fantastically soft and darling jammies at Dillards - or online at - look up mix-and-match separates (pink and orange)

** Anchors galore, including the great anchor sweaters:

** Anchor tote made of recycled sails:

** Jessica Simpson anchor print luggage (yes, I said luggage!): available online at various stores or if you are lucky, at TJ Maxx and/or Marshalls.


Staige Davis Hodges, Beta Theta-Duke
Portland Suburban alumnae chapter


  1. Staige, you're a godsend for posting this! If I didn't already adore you, this would have sealed it. My wallet may think otherwise. :)

    Also, anchor rings and necklaces and rope bracelets at (american eagle)

  2. Thank you, Emilee! I love that you gave us all another resource!! And I adore you, too! :-)