Thursday, June 17, 2010

DG Gopher... I mean "Go for!"

Good Afternoon Delta Gammas,

I am so honored to be joining the DG Technology Team in its first blogging effort! This is my second Convention; I attended Palm Desert in 2008 as a volunteer and swore I would never miss one again if I could help it. I really HOPE we will be able to give you a glimpse into what an amazing experience Convention is! So enjoy the blog this year and start a piggy bank now to join us in two years!

This year I have the special privilege of helping out in certain areas with Council, Panhellenic, and Convention Staff. This all came about because I am in the Graduate Program for Higher Education Administration seeking a focused degree in Student Affairs at the University of North Texas. I currently work in the Office of Greek Life at UNT, and when telling this to Fraternity President, Beth Searcy, we began discussing options of an intership to see Greek Life on a national level! I'll be working with NPC delegate Barb Probst on the Panhellenic Luncheon, with Stacie Hauserman and EO staff assisting with errands and conference needs, and the rest of the time helping Beth where I can!

My HOPE is to be able to share my experience with you as I serve in this capacity! It ought to be quite a whirlwind!

Megan Petter
Gamma Nu-North Texas
Dallas North Cities Alumnae/Denton Area Alumnae Association
Denver is my 2nd Convention!!!

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