Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When you are Convention, be sure to check out attendees' name cards and ribbons. I'm sitting in the lobby blogging with Barbara Cameron, Delta Rho - Virginia Tech, and asked to share a picture of her nametag.
* Light blue ribbons are for Loyalty Award recipients
* Dark blue ribbons are for Cable Award recipients
* Barbara also has several pins: cable and loyalty awards, PAC, alumnae excellence, Foundation giving
So if you see a sister with ribbons and pins, be sure to ask to hear her stories. I know I enjoyed hearing from Barbara.
Laura O'Brien
Epsilon Mu-William and Mary
Denver is my 4th Convention


  1. Good question! PAC = Province Alumnae Chairman. Prior to our current regional structure, the Fraternity was divided into provinces. PAC is similar to the current Regional Alumnae Specialist (RAS) position.