Monday, June 21, 2010

Ragged Return

I am in complete agreement with Staige... I am going into withdrawals, but FULL of HOPE after returning home to Texas. While the feeling of exhaustion followed me to work today... I'm surviving because of the DG Cloud 9 I'm on! Let me tell you about the rest of the week!

The next night I had to be in two places at once!!! I assisted our NPC delegates with flag practice for the Panhellenic luncheon. Being an assistant Panhellenic adviser at my campus, this has a special place in my heart. I got to talk with some of the chapter president's and new CDC's which was also really fun.

When that finished, I rushed up to the Resolutions committee meeting. The ladies were already finihing up their drafts of their Resolution which meant that my job was ready to start. One by one they copied their Resolution onto my USB drive so I could format them and get it all printed. That wound up being a late night after Constitution's Chairman, Carole Haney, and I fought with the Hotel printer!!! I finally just went downstairs and used the one in the lobby! They turned out beautifully! I spent the next day trying to not bend the crisp folders they were placed in... if we ever meet, you will learn that grace is NOT in my name ;)

The rest of the time was spent attending the sessions and chatting with sisters. Again, I cannot express the feeling you get when you're surrounded by hundreds of people and they're ALL sisters!

After the awards ceremony, sisters gathered all over to spend time catching up and socializing! It was so much fun to be able to reconnect with one another... even if it was past my bed time ;)

Packing up proved to be a challenge after all my purchases at the Anchor Marketplace, and I was certain I'd be over the airline weight limit... but weighing in at 50.5 pounds, the man who checked my bag let me through!!!! I still don't know how I got that lucky!

Only approximately 730 more days until we meet again in Indiannapolis!!! I can't wait! Start saving now and join us!

Megan Petter
Gamma Nu - University of North Texas
Dallas North Cities Alumnae Chapter/Denton Alumnae Association
Denver is my 2nd Convention!!!

P.S. I have the daily Foundation Garden of Giving totals, and I will upload them tonight!

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