Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outstanding Alumnae Chapter and Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Awards.

Hannah here back from my comfort break. Wow what a night for all my DG sisters!!
The anticipation built all night as we all waited for the culminating event - the presentation of the Outstanding Alumnae Chapter and the Outstanding Collegiate Chapter awards. The night had already toasted many Delta Gamma mountain climbers. By the end of the evening we will have celebrated 83 Collegiate chapters winning 106 collegiate awards and recognized 92 alumnae chapters winning 110 alumnae awards, presenting a total of 216 awards overall.

There are three divisions for the outstanding alumnae chapter award, which recognize chapters that excel overall in meeting fraternity standards.

This year’s Division I (chapters with up to 49 local dues paid members) runner up for Outstanding Alumnae Chapter has a long history of setting high goals for itself. Not only did it achieve an amazing blend of outreach, programming, service and membership development, it added an entire programming function that revolved around the care of one of their own members ‐ a former chapter officer ‐ who was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer at the beginning of the biennium. The Northern Colorado alumnae chapter accepted their award in memory of their beloved sister, Kathie Zier.

The Division I winner, Chicago (city), is a chapter that the awards committee and their regional alumnae specialist agree is “an exemplary chapter that should be used as a model for other urban chapters with a diverse membership where events are not held in members’ homes.” While they live in a large urban area, their core group of local dues paying “city” members is small. But it doesn’t matter. This chapter demonstrates a high level of sophistication. It contributes an impressive 37 advisers and house corporation members (which is practically every local dues‐paying member) to nearby collegiate chapters, and its very first sailing for sight fund raiser brought in more than $7,000.

This year’s Division II runner up, Washington DC, not only boasts solid leadership, an array of compelling programs and many special interest groups, it may very well be Delta Gamma’s most technically savvy alumnae group. With an impressive communications program that utilizes live twitter feeds, a facebook page, a google group, electronic newsletters and e‐mail blasts.

The Division II winner sets both chapter and officer level goals, and is rewarded with a healthy, growing, dynamic chapter. Their engaging programming appeals to their broad range of membership, which ranges from 24‐80 years old. They never forget the importance of personal outreach either. Each new member receives a special gift at her first meeting, and then receives a follow‐up e‐mail or phone call.
There are many service opportunities and ways for every member to find her niche.
Congratulations to our Division II winner: Northern Virginia!

The division III (chapters with 106 or more local dues‐paying members)
runner up Denver (our convention host city) does everything well. From outreach, to enjoying a century of programming, to writing the book on foundation service and fund raising, this chapter balances its rich heritage with new and exciting events for its members. They even have a poker special interest group!

Every region has that ‘dream chapter’ that self motivates and governs, meets all regional
expectations, has excellent communication and whose members love the experience they have. That is a most fitting description of our Division III winner. They are indeed dream girls! The winner of outstanding chapter for division iii is: Portland Suburban!

Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award recognizes chapter excellence across all
areas of the Fraternity. To be eligible, a chapter must have won the Patricia Peterson Danielson award both years of the biennium and must, of course, be in good standing. The winners are chosen by council. There are three divisions for this award, based on the size of the campus panhellenic system.

Division I is for chapters on campuses with 1 to 6 panhellenic groups.
The runner up in Division I is continually assessing its strengths and weaknesses and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They offer a truly rich chapter experience to their members. The runner up for the Oustanding Chapter Award
Division I, is Region 8’s own Epsilon Zeta‐Loyola Marymount.
The winner of the outstanding collegiate chapter award in Division I has excelled from the moment they were installed as a Chapter. It’s no wonder that they received the Banta award at the 2008 convention. Tonight they are recognized again. Congratulations to our Division 1 winner: Theta Beta‐Case!

Division II is for chapters on campuses with 7 to 10 panhellenic groups.
The runner up in Division II,Alpha Nu-USC recruits well, programs well and operates extremely well – especially given their large membership.

So many women on campus want to be a member of this chapter.
From academics to leadership to sports to just having a great time together, there is no stopping the pride of the 230 members of our Division II outstanding chapter: Delta Lambda‐Mississippi state.

Division III is for chapters on campuses with 11 or more panhellenic groups.
The runners up – and yes that’s plural because there was a tie for the runners‐up of outstanding collegiate chapter award in Division III ‐ both strive to perfect internal operations, honor their respective long‐time histories, all while making their mark on campus. Our first recipient used its strong leadership to create a more united sisterhood, and their chapter president was recognized as most outstanding on campus. Congratulations Beta‐Washington.

Debbie: our second recipient for runner‐up for outstanding chapter in division iii boasts broad campus leadership in many key positions, 20% of its members in honor societies, and they held their 121st founders day this year. Congratulations: kappa‐nebraska!

Debbie: the winner of the outstanding chapter award in division iii is described by their regional

Team and atc by these words: “respected. Mature. Leadership through any adversity. A true desire to do the best at everything, which shows in all they touch.”
I am proud to present the outstanding chapter award, division iii, to eta gamma‐texas a&m.
Visual: eta gamma‐texas a&m

We have celebrated you‐‐‐the delta gamma women who shine brilliantly and make our fraternity the very best. Congratulations to everyone and start planning now for Indianapolis in 2012!!!

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