Friday, June 18, 2010

"I'm on a DG high!!!"

What an AMAZING start to the week! The Opening Banquet program was fabulous (not to mention the scrumptious food… minus the mushrooms J) The Drum Café is the company that performed tonight with a very dynamic and inclusive presentation. Each attendee received two drumsticks and followed along with the beats the Café leader created. We also got the chance to make up our own!! I’ll tell ya, it was so awesome to watch our sisters of all ages, drumming and dancing to the beat! I feel like it broke down some nerve walls and really put us in sync! It was a great way to begin these next days of Delta Gamma business!

Following the program (and after waiting in a line for the restroom as we women always do… but at least we were all sisters), I was off to the Region 6 meeting. It was so fun to cheer for our hardworking team and to hear the same through the walls for the others! Delta Gamma is so blessed to have such dedicated women to run our regional business. I didn’t get to stay for long, though, because I was off to the Resolutions Committee meeting. I’m not serving on the committee; rather, I’m assisting in the scribing of the resolutions. It’s such an intriguing part of DG business! Tonight the committee chose courtesy resolutions to draft up by tomorrow evening (and when they’ll have the time for that, I’ll never know)! Courtesy Resolutions (as far as I can describe) are items adopted to the DG Convention agenda as official messages, such as thanking the hotel staff for their hospitality, or to Convention volunteers, etc. What an awesome way to provide recognition!

While changing into my jammies I realized, I’m on a DG high! It certainly is a rush to feel the love, HOPE, and support that surrounds everyone of us, and especially to feel everyone else’s here at Convention!

Until tomorrow,

Megan Petter

Gamma Nu-North Texas

Dallas North Cities Alumnae Chapter/ Denton Area Association

Denver is my 2nd Convention!

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