Friday, June 18, 2010

More Cow Bell

Lest we wonder further what the drum sticks in the vases in the center of our tables were for at last night’s opening banquet, we soon found out…the entertainment was Café Drum, an interactive performing/motivational speaker/aerobics instructor-esque (think “hunky Richard Simmons”) drum ensemble. We, the audience, smacked our drum sticks on cue to the beat in an escalating frenzy of rhythm, driving the attendees of the two other Conventions in the hotel insane, I am sure.

And then, he brought out the cow bell.

With Saturday Night Live’s classic skit forever etched upon my brain, I apparently showed my age when I said to two younger alumnae behind me, “More cow bell!” and they looked at me like I had three heads. The energy was certainly apparent when members were paraded on stage to dance to the rhythm, including our own Laura O’Brien, blogger extraordinaire. See incriminating photos.

Oh, Will Ferrell, where were you tonight?

Staige Davis Hodges, Beta Theta-Duke
Portland Suburban alumnae chapter
Denver is my 9th Convention


  1. OK...where are those incriminating photos? Link, please!!
    ---Cathy D. Wahl

  2. I will never hear the phrase "More Cow Bell!" without giggling!! Thanks, Staige!