Friday, June 18, 2010

Drum Cafe Rocks DG Opening Banquet

Entertainment at tonight's opening banquet was provided by Drum Cafe from South Africa . I sure don't know many people that can have an entire room follow their lead without every speaking a word! These guys knew their DG info. We heard reference to For Hope. For Strength. For Life, Ana, Eva & Mary, alumnae, 137 years of Delta Gamma & several other DG related references. They were very entertaining and engaging. Senator Williams even broke her drum stick!

Attendees followed the banquet with regional gatherings and regional photos.

Random quote heard from a young attendee while walking from regional photos back to regional gathering "You know what is so weird? ALL of these women are Delta Gammas!"

Teena Tabor
Beta Pi-Willamette
Phoenix Alumnae Chapter
Denver is my 5th Convention

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