Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The song "Anticipation" keeps running through my head. I am filled with excitement and anxiousness as I count down the days to my departure on Thursday. I am excited to be going to my fifth Convention. I am excited to see all my friends who I only get to see every two years. I am excited at the prospect of making new friends. All that said though I am anxious too. In order to treat myself to a few days away I need to be sure I have dotted all my 'i's" and crossed all my "t's". My business doesn't stop while I am away so I need to make sure all my files are up to date and that my partner is prepared to handle anything in my absence. I need to get all the laundry done (not just so my kids aren't running naked in the streets but so that I am not without just the right piece for my favorite outfit - not sure which of those two is more important). I need to run to the grocery store (so the naked children aren't starving in my absence). I need to make a master schedule for my husband so he knows where to go when while I am not around to help - with three kids we usually rely on zone defense to get it done but he will be running solo with two of the kids simultaneously in soccer tournaments at opposite ends of town so the least I can do is give him a master plan. All that and I haven't started packing yet! Oh how I love the anticipation - even for my 3 am wake up call on Thursday to get up in time for my flight. I'll be ready - will you? See you in Denver!!

Sheila Ryan Carney
EN- James Madison University
Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter
Denver is my 5th Convention

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  1. Sheila,
    I have had years just like you describe. Getting to conventions is like running the guantlet...I called it the best "mommy vacation' ever. Now, as I anticipate arriving in Denver for my 10th convention, with an empty nest at home, and a DG daughter who wishes she could be there, too...well, I can't tell you how excited I am about seeing my sisters...the ones who I only see at these events. Denver, here I come!