Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boersma Website Awards

What blog would be complete without recognizing the winners of the Barbara Nussa Boersma Outstanding Web Site Award which was created to honor our very own technological wizard, Barb Boersma.

The award acknowledges the increasing and changing importance of electronic communications to the Delta Gamma experience by recognizing outstanding web sites that have been created by our alumnae and collegiate chapters. Web sites are often individuals first point of contact with Delta Gamma. At any time, day or night, from any part of the globe, a Delta Gamma can log onto the internet and connect to her sisters. Anyone who is not a Delta Gamma can learn about our Fraternity’s incredible reach and deeds. We are continually impressed by the way our alumnae are mastering the internet’s oceans. The majority of our alumnae groups have a presence on the World Wide Web and many have also taken it to the next level, sharing their accomplishments and reaching out to new members through social networking with sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Grosse Pointe alumnae received the alumnae runner award for their website which is fresh with a clean feel that makes it easy to navigate and read. Their site truly shows the history and personality of the chapter and makes the viewer want to be a part of all that

This year’s winning alumnae web site award went to Austin for their terrific job integrating the Delta Gamma brand with the chapter’s personality. The highly interactive and well‐designed site offers something for everyone – whether you want to register your DG legacy with executive offices, view the online scrapbook or click on a section of town to find out who your carpool captain is for the next alumnae meeting.

Our collegiate web sites have many different audiences. Web sites communicate with existing members and advisers, attract potential new members, and introduce the chapter and Delta Gamma to parents and college administrators. While they may share in common with whom they are communicating, each chapter’s personality clearly shines through in how they choose to communicate their information. No two are alike. These winning sites stand out as leaders not only among the other DG collegiate sites, but also from the other sorority web sites on their local campuses.

This year’s collegiate web site runner‐up has done a terrific job of presenting a clean design with a clear message. Their site boasts Delta Gamma’s value proposition up front, and uses historical and contemporary photos, graphics, and even video to tell the DG story. Congratulations to Beta Zeta‐Denison, the runner up of the Barbara Boersma Outstanding Collegiate Website Award.

The winner of the Collegiate Boersma Website Award is Theta‐Indiana. This chapter not only has outstanding design and incorporation of the Delta Gamma brand, it achieves something that many corporate web sites struggle to do: it changes its content on a regular basis, which not only ensures that regular readers remain engaged, but it gives the site the added benefit of a higher search engine results score. In other words, it’s more likely to be the first result you see when you google, “Delta Gamma” and the name of this winning chapter’s school.

Check out all these award winning sites!

Austin Alumnae Chapter

Gross Pointe Michigan Alumnae Chapter -

Theta – Indiana

Beta Zeta – Denison

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