Friday, June 11, 2010

Packing for Convention!
Whether Denver is your first Convention or your 14th, it is always helpful to have a packing list. Perhaps you are a last-minute type and need a shopping list for this last weekend prior to the big event!
Here are a few thoughts to help keep you on course:
  • Nautical wear and gear! Which nautical gear to bring? Which to leave home? Deck and boat shoes are probably best left at home on the dock, but anything with anchors, sailboats, a nautical sailor theme... these are all fair game. You will see everything from anchor print shoes, sweaters, fun tees, and even skirts and printed pants. Be on the lookout for anchor jewelry of all types and vintages and purses and belts, too.
  • Your first day may be in what you wear on the plane. Comfort and casual (jeans are really not seen at Convention) are typically safe bets the first day, and the opening dinner promises to have a bit of a Western flare. Got a fun cowgirl hat? Pin an anchor to it, and you are all set! Create a nautical fabric bandana for your hat!
  • Daytime sessions/lunches: casual professional is a safe bet here. You are representing your chapter and your region. A cute suit jacket is always safe - collegians and alumnae alike. Avoid booty shorts, frayed or too-tight attire and make sure that your hemlines are not revealing, especially if you bend over (if Grandma would need smelling salts, that is a good cue as to what not to wear!). Think professional, but comfortable. You don't need a suit, but something that is polished is always safe.
  • Brrrrr! The hotel rooms tend to be absolutely freezing. A sweater or wrap is easily stowed in your Convention tote. A cute jacket solves the problem, but layering is always a good idea.
  • Bag/Purse: You will receive a Convention tote bag at registration. Often times, a purse becomes a burden, or you end up putting it in your tote. You may decide you do not need to bring a purse. A small bag for the evening banquets is a good addition to your suitcase, however.
  • Casual clothes for hotel after-hours: your college sweatshirt, loungewear, nautical jammies... you will see it all.
  • On the town/in the hotel: Don't forget you are still representing the Fraternity even if you don't have your letters on. Word spreads fast that there is a sorority in town. :-)
  • Banquets: The Foundation banquet attire tends not to be as fancy as the final banquet. A nice dress is perfect. Save the glamour and glitz for the final banquet, where you will see elegant pant suits, cocktail dresses and even long gowns. Remember: a wrap will help keep you warm. It will be very cold in the banquet room!
  • Don't forget your badge! And a big smile!




  1. Love the new blog!!! See you soon!

  2. Be sure to show your smiles when you see the roving bloggers throughout the Convention gatherings. They'll have their video and still cameras out and I want to see pictures! (I'll be at home!)

  3. Great idea for sharing all the fun and fabulousness of Convention!