Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I think I need Anchors Anonymous!

Hi, my name is Teena & I am an addict. I discovered this when packing for Convention. How many anchor items does it take to make one an addict? Is there such a thing as too many anchors? What do you think the TSA will say when they see all these anchors coming through the x-ray?

Anyway, this morning, I start digging through my closet to decide what to wear to Denver this week. I had no idea that I had accumulated all of this! This doesn't count the anchor shirt I was wearing (thanks Connie & Jan), Hannah dolls, anchor tervis tumblers, anchor change purse, note cards, plates, etc. Anyone care to guess how many anchor items are in this pile? The first person to guess the correct number will receive an anchor gift (earrings count as 1 & a set of pjs count as 1)!

Teena Tabor
Beta Pi-Willamette
Phoenix Alumnae Chapter
Denver is my 5th Convention

We have a winner!!! Here's what all is in this pile of addiction:
8 necklaces
5 pins
1 pr earrings
5 Convention charms
1 DG badge
2 rings
4 bracelets
2 boxes
1 belly ring
1 make up bag
1 jewelry case
1 pr shoe bags
2 flip flops
2 pr PJs
1 pr pants
11 shirts
1 jacket

For a grand total of 49 items. Allison Paugh will receive a little anchor something. I will bring it to Denver Allison! Great job everyone.


  1. I'm guessing 44....wayyyy too many for one person. You are definintely an addict, Teena!

  2. I am guessing 45. I wish I had that many!!! I don't have much anchor gear.
    Allison Paugh

  3. My guess is 48! I'll have to try this someday!

  4. I'm going to go with 42! Looking forward to Denver! See you there!!

    Andrea Wolfe Gleason, RCS Region 4

  5. I'm guessing 32. See you soon.

  6. I'm going to go with 47, though I bet you have more anchor stuff tucked away somewhere!

    Hillary Gebert

  7. 31! can't wait to see you!

  8. I enlarged the picture and recounted. I am changing my guess to 49. Wow, I am too into this!
    Allison Paugh