Friday, June 18, 2010

Excitement Never Ends at Convention!

Sitting in the hotel lobby you can still hear the screams of excitement as old friends see each other for the first time. With so many DGs at convention, even two days in there is still someone to catch up with! Whether it is someone you were initiated with, you’ve worked with through e-mail, or a convention buddy that you are only able to see every two years, the hotel lobby is the place for reuniting. Some of the reunions are a quick hug, while others end up on the floor after tackling one another with excitement-- yes, we witnessed one of these greetings! The hotel lobby is somewhat like the baggage claim at an airport; there are some tears, lots of hugs, and smiles on every face.

Keep checking back today as we keep you posted on the attendees’ mood & opinion on all things convention: from ‘Ah-ha!’ Convention moments, to how comfortable the bed is, and everything in-between!

Kristen McClellan & Sarah Jane Cella
Delta Lambda-Mississippi State & Zeta Zeta- Boston University
Denver is our 2nd Convention!

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