Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let the Whirlwind BEGIN!!! Where am I?!

Remember that first time you walked into the Delta Gamma house, and you just knew your life would change for GOOD??? Now times that by 2000 and you'll understand what it's like to be here and see a DG everywhere you look! The stories they told you during recruitment are true. You really can connect with a total stranger through our sisterhood!!! I look around and wonder if Anna, Eva, and Mary knew what they had done for us so many years ago?

So day one is off and running with Council and Cabinet trainings. I received a call at 7:15 this morning, the caller apologized immensely for waking me up (though still feeling Texas time was really no big deal... that was late for my usual morning regimen)! It was FedEx/Kinkos calling to ask questions about the order Beth Searcy had placed. He was confused why there was so many duplicates! I told him to follow the instructions to the tee and that I would be there later to pick up her documents. Beth had sent over the General Session scripts among other things so that her Council would be in the know throughout the meetings.

I got ready and found the Concierge to point me in the right direction, two blocks down and one block over. As I walked I appreciated the break from the Texas heat being in the climate capital of the nation! I arrived only to find out that there are several Kinkos locations withing a mile from our hotel... too bad my order was at another one! Luckily enough it was only three more blocks in the opposite direction! I trekked on over to pick up the boxes! You should have seen me carrying these back to the hotel! Many passers-by just smiled... lemme tell ya... I got my workout today! I was happy to deliver them to Beth with plenty of time to spare!

Next I hit up the fabulous Anchor Market Place. I might not be able to eat until my next paycheck... though that will only ensure my shirts and merchandise will stay clean ;)! Hats off to the chapters with cute shirt designs and to the vendors that bring the extras to Convention to share with all of us! You wouldn't believe all that's here! EO brought vendors that have shirts, sweats, shorts GALORE, as well as any accessory, frames, and jewelry you can think of! J. Brandt is here for all of our official jewelry needs too! You can find it all at the online Anchor Market place on the DG website!

After the shopping excursion I ran some errands for Megan Lloyd with EO and Executive Director Mary Sterling Barlow that involved some bartering with the copy center man! All in a days work!! ;)

It's certainly been fun so far! Stay tuned as we take you along on this journey!

Megan Petter
Gamma Nu-North Texas
Dallas North Cities Alumnae Chapter/ Denton Area Association
Denver is my second convention!!

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