Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Belong!

From Bloomington, IN (IU) to New York City (for an internship) to Denver, this summer has been amazing! From the minute I arrived at the airport, I knew I was right back where I belonged- with all of my DG friends (new and old)! As a fashion lover, my obvious first stop was at the DG Marketplace where I found everything I wanted with anchors on it (a perfect compliment to the nautical stripes which are so in for fall!) I couldn't help but to buy DG croakies for all of my guy friends and brother who obviously love to wear anything DG! After taking necessary pictures of my sisters and I with the giant anchor and DG letters we headed out to explore Denver! What a FABULOUS City! Whether we were eating lunch or shopping, anytime we spotted an anchor we always flashed a beautiful smile and exchanged a friendly hello! Denver is about to find out just how FABULOUS Delta Gamma is!

Elizabeth Billman
President, Theta Chapter

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  1. Elizabeth: I am at home reading the blog and enjoying every comment about Convention 2010. I can feel the enthusiasm and energy. As a fellow Theta chapter alumna, I am thrilled to read your excerpt and hear about all of the fun you are having. Best wishes and hello to all of my DG friends! Susanne Kondracke, Delta Gamma Web Site Coordinator