Saturday, June 19, 2010

I thought I was Prepared

I thought I was prepared for this - I had memorized everyone's name and face on Council, reviewed the entire Convention packet and re-read Theta chapter's history (more than once). It turns out, I wasn't prepared at all. Let me take you through the most amazing first day of Convention that I'm sure is the best ever.

First up, opening banquet. We were sitting by region so I was looking forward to seeing the other chapter presidents who really understand what my chapter is like! Little did I know, I was in for a big surprise! Megan, a Theta chapter sister, and I were the first to sit down at our table and were followed by some other women who had a very rich history with Delta Gamma (as I was about to find out). We had a lovely dinner and as usual I was making converstaion and new friends! Once they all learned I was Theta chapter president they reminded me of how special Theta chapter is (tears well up in my eyes for the first of many times this weekend). We finished dinner and had a fabulous time with the Drum Cafe and then went on our ways in hopes we would again see each other in the morning!

Well, the first session is called to order and again, tears well up in my eyes as Theta chapter is called for role. I was already feeling how big DG is and again how I shared something so special with all of these women. Then it was time to announce the Board of Advisors and I suddenly realized - I ate dinner with these women last night! As the names Maggie Hess Watkins (Alpha Xo- West Virginia), Betsey Inch Fouss (Alpha Xi - West Virginia) and Marge Sweatt Gorsline (Gamma Epsilon - Kent State), I had chills. These women, along with Barbara Cameron (Delta Rho - Virginia Tech) and Alice Ashmore were who I had dinner with last night! These women helped create the history and legacy of this Fraternity through their service as President of the Fraternity, Directors and Fraternity Executive Director. The tears came for a third time. I could not help to want to engage more with these women and hear their stories. I am definitely making time for that Friday!

As tears came for the fourth time during our rituals, I realized that Delta Gamma will always be with me and I hope I can someday give back as much as these women have to the Fraternity.

Sometimes the best things in life, you just can't prepare for.

Elizabeth Billman, Theta Chapter president
1st time Convention attendeee

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